Xmas BBQ Options For 2020

(not available Christmas Day)


$35pp choose 2 from salads and veg, 3 from breads and sauces, 2 from meats (or 1 x seafood and 1 x meat)

$45pp choose 3 from salads and veg, 3 from breads and sauces, 2 from meats, 1 from seafood



$4pp for 1x option from salads and veg or breads

$6pp for 1x option meats

$7pp for 1x option from seafood

$5pp for a selection of desserts


Salad and veg options 

*beetroot, mixed salad leaves, cherry tomatoes & toasted caraway seeds with a  creamy feta dressing

*Roasted pumpkin, watercress, toasted almonds & feta with house dressing

* Steamed new season potatoes with mint and garlic butter

*Charred corn cobs

*Creamy potato salad with pickled onions, celery & mustard

*Sweet corn & spring onion slaw with ranch mayo

* Caesar salad

* Sautéed asparagus with almond butter

* Sautéed green beans with pancetta

* Wild rocket salad with pear, ricotta & pine nuts with citrus oil dressing

* Vege skewers



* Grilled pork sausages

* Marinated sirloin steaks

* Flame grilled chicken breast

* BBQ lamb chops

* Marinated beef skewers

* Baby back pork ribs

* Cajun chicken pieces



* Oven baked salmon with lemon & herbs

* Marinated prawn skewers

* Sautéed garlic tiger prawns

* Grilled tuna steaks with lime and chilli

* Steamed garlic and parsley mussels

* Steamed clams with rice wine, ginger & fresh herbs


Breads and sauces 

* Dinner rolls with herb butter

* Caramelised onion & feta pull apart loaf with garlic butter

* Confit garlic & cheese pizza bread

* Selection of chutneys

* Basil pesto & hummus

* House made aioli, chipotle & BBQ sauce

* House made dill caper mayo, thousand island & grilled paprika lemons


Add a selection of desserts $5 per person

(eg. For a group of 30, you will receive 15 x mini pav, 15 x tiramisu, champagne poached berries and mini chocolate cream puffs)

Mini pav with passionfruit syrup & vanilla cream


Champagne poached berries

Mini chocolate cream puffs